Massachusetts Tornadoes: 4 People Dead

Massachusetts Tornadoes: 4 People Dead

Two heavy tornadoes reportedly strike Massachusetts on Wednesday. The first tornado happened at 4:30 pm in Springfield within 90 miles west of Boston and the second one hit at 6:20 pm in the North of Springfield.

There are at least four people killed as tornadoes and storms swept through a part of Massachusetts on Wednesday. Two people was killed in Westfield, one in West Springfield and th rest in the town of Brimfield, about 20 miles east. More than 40 people were taken to the hospital in Springfield and 400 people became homeless. Moreover, they left a lot of damage and injuries in the West of Massachusetts City such as dispersing fragments, overthrowing plants and frightening all of citizens. Nineteen commodities were reported as a victim of two tornadoes. Governor Deval Patrick’s declared a state of emergency in order to deal with this situation, which appealed 1000 National Guardsmen after the storm with the aim of ensuring residents’ security.

A child is spotted after a tornado touchdown in the South End of Springfield, Mass., on June 1

Helping clean up after a tornado hit Brimfield, Mass., on June 2, a woman takes a short break 

People are walking around the damage of the Unitarian Church (Monson) after the storm

Cars are crushed under bricks and debris from a building after the tornado in Springfield, Mass., on June 1

Springfield police officers call into buildings to see if people need help in the South End of Springfield, Mass. on June 1.

The bad weather and the storms also caused a cut power widespread in about 20 residential areas. National Weather Forecast Center in U.S. is trying to determine the severity and intensity of tornadoes across the state of Massachusetts.  


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