Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents Announces Board of Directors

Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents Announces Board of Directors




The 10 Board of Directors for MABA includes:


John Karcher of RE/MAX Advocates in Hanover

Barry Nystedt of Buyer Brokerage Realty, Newton

Bill Kuhlman of Kuhlman Residential Property, Needham

Connie LeDuc of Genuine Home Buyer Brokers, Southborough

Janet White of Buyers Solution of Nashua, NH

Marlene Mallory of Buyer One, Westford

Pat Magnell of Purchasers Solution Realty, Andover

Ron Berquist of Authentic Home Finder, Shrewsbury

Rona Fischman of 4 Buyers Real-estate, Cambridge

Paul Cottone associated with the Cottone Company, Newton Highlands


MABA’s board members will be the regulating body of this business. They have the responsibility of ensuring that MABA’s objective and objectives tend to be upheld and that all users tend to be acting as buyer advocates.


About MABA Users

Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents (MABA) users are licensed real-estate experts who never ever practice twin agency or “designated” agency. MABA members apply single company or buyer company and constantly act as fiduciary agents for customer customers. MABA maintains a database of members and provides home customer guidance and pages on association members throughout the area. MABA people definitely participate in trade association committees and possess been instrumental in generating community forums for conversation of company problems.


“We’re a non-profit, self-regulated organization focused on educating and safeguarding buyers. A buyer’s most useful interest is our very first priority,” explained John Karcher, Scituate citizen and president of MABA.


Towards Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents

The Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents (MABA) is a distinctive organization comprised of realtors and brokers through the entire state who are invested in safeguarding homebuyers. Created in 1991, MABA is a non-profit organization acknowledged across the country because of its efforts to teach licensees and consumers about company dilemmas. The corporation is self-regulated and every member has to take a pledge of undivided respect on customer client.


MABA is focused on offering high quality, fiduciary-level solutions to home buyers and specializes in attempting to save purchasers time and money. MABA people never ever represent the customer together with seller in the same transaction as well as never ever ask a buyer client to waive his/her right to full purchaser representation. They’re serious about homework and certainly will ask about non-disclosed property information. To find out more, go to the internet site at or contact 1-800-935-MABA (6222).



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